Our Focus

The helping hands

A Helping Hand is a person or a group or an organization who tries to help others in various causes. For example:

  • Mr. Karim is a person who provides scholarship to under privileged students
  • BUET Computer Science and Engineering Alumni is a group that establishes a computer lab in rural area
  • Community Action is an organization that works for street children

The idea of SBS is to help the Helping Hands so that doing benevolent or non-profit works become easier for them.

Why and how to help the helping hands?
  • Helping hands are busy with their daily lives
  • Organizing events require communication, collecting donations, keeping and updating financial information etc., which are not so easy to manage.
  • Helping small amount is often not possible
  • Difficult to track whether the donation is used properly or not.

So the immediate goal of SBS is the following:

  • To help the Helping Hands through information technologies such as publishing their activities through www.serve-bd.org, facilitating online donation collection, manage their accounting etc.
  • To connect the Helping Hands to make greater impact in Bangladesh

Usually non-profit organizations seek to help recipients but SBS aims to help the Helping Hands so that they can participate more. Eventually more recipients will be benefited.

The champion idea

BCS Digital Expo 2011 arranged a virtual project competition in which the idea of Serve Bangladesh Society was presented with the title "ICT for Humanity" that secured the Champion position. Subsequently a feature on www.serve-bd.org was published in the monthly Computer Bichitra in June 2011.